User researchers join forces

Web3UX panel is a community-owned marketplace for user research in Web3. It's run by a collective and supported by a non-profit foundation.

our motivation

Recruitment takes so much time!

We set out to find a solution to our shared pain: Participant recruitment takes a lot of time. Traditional platforms and agencies don't cover our audience. And we end up with a biased sample.

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Born from experience

We know first hand how time-consuming user researchOps can be.

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Collective benefit

We leverage each others community to reach a diverse and larger pool of participants.

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Dedicated to Web3

Traditional panels are expensive and don't cater to specific Web3 profiles.



Sasha Tanase

Sasha has been working in web3 since early 2018. She currently leads Design Research at Keep Network, and Threshold Network.

Georgia Rakusen
Freelance User researcher

Georgia is a User Researcher and has been working exclusively in the web3 space since 2018. She is co-founder of OpenUX, Head of Research at, and coaches teams to conduct their own UX research.

Hester Bruikman
UX and Product

Hester is a UX researcher at heart, product manager by practice. Past core contributor to Status. Instigator of Offscript, Web3UX and a podcast.

Andrej Berlin
Creative Director

Andrej is co-founder and Creative Director of Deep Work Studio and Deep Skills protocol.

In collaboration with


We collaborate with other collectives, DAO's and organizations to drive user research in the Web3 space.