Code of Conduct

To access the Web3UX panel, researchers are required to cryptographically sign a message pledging to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Note: This code of conduct applies to all Researchers using the web3ux panel. A Researcher is an individual, or representative of a company, that pays to access the panel of Participants. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in a Researcher's access being terminated without compensation. A Researcher is bound by the terms of this Code of Conduct for the duration of their subscription to the panel. Updates to this Code of Conduct may be made by web3ux, in which case Researchers will be informed of any changes.
1. Perform research with integrity

The purpose of web3ux is to provide Researchers with access to a panel of Participants for research purposes. In order to maintain the integrity of this effort, Researchers agree to:

  • Always conduct research to the best of their abilities, in line with best practices wherever possible.
  • Never engage with Participants for any matter other than research.
  • Never conduct research under false pretences, e.g. pretending you are working for a company that you are not.
  • Never put Participants at any kind of personal, financial, physical or other risk as a result of their participation in your studies.
2. Treat study participants with respect and kindness

The growth of the web3ux panel relies on study participants having a positive engagement with Researchers. You must treat all Participants, whether they complete research with you or not, with respect. This means:

  • Be kind and courteous in your communications with participants. Harmful or discriminatory language or behavior is not tolerated.
  • Give participants fair notice of changes that affect their involvement in your studies.
  • Turn up on time to the sessions that you book with participants, or let participants know in advance if there is an issue/rescheduling is required.
  • Treat Participants with respect during study sessions. For example, allow participants to finish their thoughts, and welcome any critical feedback.
3. Pay Participants on time

You must set clear expectations for Participants before they agree to take part in your studies about how much they will be paid, what method of payment will be used, and when they will receive the payment. You agree to pay Participants on time.

4. Respect participant privacy

Web3ux is set up to allow Researchers to engage with Participants through the GreatQuestion platform. This is a GDPR compliant way for allowing research to take place.

  • A Researcher must never store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about Participants outside of the web3ux panel platform. PII is any type of information about a Participant that could lead to them being identified. This includes (but is not limited to): full names, postal addresses, email addresses, social security numbers, biometric records, date of birth, cryptocurrency wallet/account addresses, or social media handles.
  • Researchers are responsible for their own GDPR or data privacy law compliance, relevant to their jurisdiction. In the instance of collecting cryptocurrency wallet/account addresses in order to pay incentives, you should only keep a record of these addresses after payment has been made if doing so is necessary for your business operations (for example your accounting process demands a record of them). Only the people who need this information should have access to it.
  • A Researcher must respect the privacy of participants by: Never sharing PII information with anyone else in their organization.
  • Where possible, Participant names should be anonymized in your research deliverables.
  • Never making publicly available any audio or visual (video or still images) recorded during study sessions.
Note: Follow this page to keep updated with the latest changes.
Version 1.1
December 9, 2022