Terms and Conditions

Web3UX panel is a community-owned marketplace for user research in Web3. In this document we lay out our terms and conditions to participate in this marketplace.

Note: When you join the panel either as a Member or Researcher, the general provisions apply to you. When you subscribe to the panel as a Researcher additional provisions apply.
1. General provisions

1.1 Intended use
Web3UX panel is solely intended for researchers to connect with end-users in order to conduct user research.

1.2 Eligibility
Anyone can be an end-user of a Web3 product, protocol or service and thus become a Member. That said, membership is not allowed for those below the minimum age to enter a legally binding agreement or for those otherwise unable to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Guarantees
Web3UX panel is a collective initiative and provides no guarantees of Research offered or Members available. It merely provides a way for Researchers to find Members (i.e. end-users) and for Members to be invited by Researchers.

1.4 Incentives and other compensations
Web3UX panel does not facilitate payment of incentives or any other form of compensation. Any agreements made between Researchers and Members regarding incentives are deemed an agreement between these individual parties.

1.5 Intellectual property and disclosure
Researchers may ask Members to sign a non-disclosure agreement when inviting Members to participate in their study. Such agreements are deemed to exist solely between individual parties. Web3UX panel does not encourage or take part in upholding such agreements.

1.6 Acceptable and objectionable behaviour
Both Members and Researchers are expected to be kind and courteous in their communications. Derogatory and discriminatory language or behaviour is not tolerated. Moreover all parties are expected to respect each others time. Meaning that they are expected to be on time and provide fair notice in case of changes in availability.

1.7 Disputes and conflict resolution
Web3UX does not play a role in conflict resolution when disputes emerge, for example regarding incentive payments. Web3UX panel does facilitate Members to leave reviews and notify other Researchers in the collective of disputes or objectionable behaviour. In cases, where notified researchers find that the Code of Conduct was not upheld, they may, at their discretion, initiate cancelling the subscription of the disputed Researcher. Similarly, Researcher are provided with the opportunity to notify other Researchers in the collective of a dispute with, or objectionable behaviour by, a Member. In such cases, the collective of Researchers may decide to remove access of a Panel Member.

1.8 Privacy
Web3UX works with 3rd parties to deliver its market place for user research. Web3UX limits the number of parties used to those strictly necessary to facilitate the marketplace and only selects parties that are GDPR compliant. For more details see our Privacy Policy.

2. Additional provisions

2.1 Code of Conduct
Researchers are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct that they are required to sign when subscribing to the panel. Failure to do so may result in subscription being cancelled.

2.2 (Un)Acceptable use
Access to the panel is intended for researchers to connect with end-users in order to conduct user research. Any use that does not directly relate to research purposes (e.g. marketing objectives) is deemed unacceptable.

2.3 Subscription and fees
Fees are charged to cover the cost of panel management tooling (e.g. Great Question), as well as related operational costs such as domain hosting. Subscription fees can be found on our website. Published fees include access for a single seat to the Web3UX panel, excluding participant incentives. VAT might apply. Subscription auto-renews monthly or yearly on the date of payment, depending on the chosen plan, and until cancelled. Subscription fees are recalibrated yearly in the first quarter of each calendar year and will apply to any monthly or yearly renewals that take place after the new fee has been set with a grace period of 3 months after the new fee has been announced.

2.4 Cancellation
Cancellation must be announced in writing and will take effect on the subsequent yearly or monthly date of payment. Subscriptions cannot be paused.

2.5 Payments
Invoicing and payments are processed by Web 3 Creatives Foundation. Any received funds that exceed the cost of panel management and operational costs mentioned in 2.3, will be attributed to Web 3 Creatives Foundation. A non-profit registered in The Netherlands.
a. Payments are accepted in fiat (USD, EUR) and crypto (DAI). USD pricing amounts are leading and exchange rate at the time of invoicing is used.
b. Supported payment methods include bank transfer, creditcard and crypto transaction on Ethereum Mainnet.
c. Payment is due monthly, with the date of payment depending on the start date (and month in case of annual subscriptions)

2.6 Refunds
Researchers receive a unique referral link to invite panel Members. A refund will be provided for each panel Member that joins the panel through this link for up to 75 members per quarter. Any Members surpassing this cap of 75 can be carried over for a maximum of 4 quarters. The refund amount for each Member that joins can be found on our website. Panel members that onboard after cancellation has taken effect will not count towards a refund.

3. Contact

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at hi@web3ux.org.

Note: Follow this page to keep updated with the latest changes.
Version 1.1
December 12, 2022