Why use Web3UX?

As researchers, we believe that Web3UX is a great solution to find qualified participants in a time and cost-effective way. You’ll have access to a wider pool of unbiased participants compared to reaching out through your project’s own community or social media accounts. You’ll find more Web3 specific profiles (think Defi users or DAO members) compared to other online panels like Ethnio or User Interviews. And, because we act as a collective, it’s way cheaper than agencies and generalised online panels.

How does it work?

Web3UX acts as a cooperation. We leverage each other's community to reach a larger, more diverse pool of participants. The more we contribute to growing the panel, the lower the cost.

As a researcher you pay a subscription, monthly or yearly. This gives you a seat to filter, screen and invite participants to your studies. You get access to Web3-specific research guides and templates. And it's all hosted securely on Great Question, which provides us with convenient screening, scheduling and participant communication without the need to manage spreadsheets of personal data.

You can apply now to join the collective and subscribe. In order to subscribe, you  need to apply and sign a code of conduct. To safeguard the participant  experience, we only accept applications from people who have hands-on  research experience. For more details, read our Code of Conduct.

Our Roadmap

The future of web3 is bright; the ecosystem will bring intuitive wallets, social recovery, data backpacks, privacy preserving communication and equitable access to finance and data.

We, at Web3UX intend to follow in the tracks of the trailblazing products that we support through research.


Grow and diversify the panel by opening the panel up to more researchers, and leveraging their network to bring on new participants.


Further the Web3 ecosystem through Open insight repositories and Standardized testing and benchmarking.


Empower participants and become a truly community-owned marketplace. Using Web3 (adjacent) technologies like decentralised communication, zero knowledge proofs to increase privacy and payment streams to enhance research methods.

In conclusion

The human factor is critical to everything we build from incentivized public goods to secure transactions. By opening this panel to web3 teams, we aim to accelerate more inclusive development.

The Web3UX panel is a community-owned marketplace for user research in Web3.

Web3UX is a design partner of Casama and supported by Web3 Creatives Foundation.